The Knight Trainer is developed and manufactured in Canada. The high quality construction lends to its durability and reliability.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: Launches shuttles from 54” adjustable to 82”
  • Stands 6.5 feet high to 8 feet, plus tube length of 50”
  • Footprint of stand: 60″ in diameter
  • Fully portable, mounted on tripod stand with wheels
  • LED light gauge indicates activity
  • Frequency: Ejects up to 2.5 shuttles per second at chosen velocity
  • Optional cable for tandem use with another Knight Trainer
  • Plastic shuttlecock feeding tubes each holds 50 shuttles
  • Infrared remote allows for control of frequency and velocity of feeds


Types of Shuttlecocks:

The Knight Trainer has been designed to work best with nylon and feather shuttlecocks with cork bases.

For nylon shuttlecocks, the cork construction of some popular brands is not suitably durable and the corks will separate with little use. Therefore, the Black Knight nylon models Truflight 3000 and Truflight 4000 have been designed with Knight Trainer use in mind, and are strongly recommended. Both will last much longer than many other brands, while offering top level playability.

The Knight Trainer has been tested with a wide variety of feather shuttlecocks brands and no problems have been noted.


Electrical requirements:

The Knight Trainer is configured to operate at 120 V, 60 Hz, 5 Amps, and is suitable for standard current in Canada and the US. A compact transformer is available as an option for any Knight Trainers shipped to countries with different electrical requirements.

You will need to provide your own grounded extension cord long enough to reach from an electrical outlet to the net while lying flat on the court floor for the whole distance. This extension cord will be connected to the 6’ power cord supplied with the Knight Trainer and will allow you a full range of positions on the court.

If you are using a transformer, the transformer should be located at the electrical outlet.

The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries (one pair included).


Delivery Costs:

To most points in Canada, $50. For points outside of Canada, please email us with your location to receive a quote.