Knight Trainer

Electrical requirements

The Knight Trainer Pro can be set to operate at all voltages up to 250V, and frequencies from 50-60 HZ. We will prepare KTPs for the voltage where they will be delivered unless otherwise advised.

However, if you have received a KTP in a low voltage country (100 to 120 V), before you can run the Knight Trainer Pro under high voltages small but very important settings must be changed. If this comes up for you, we can guide you through the process of converting your KTP. Damage caused by ignoring this step are not covered under warranty.

You will need an appropriate extension cord long enough to reach from an electrical outlet to the net while lying flat on the court floor for the whole distance. This extension will be connected to the power cord supplied with the Knight Trainer and will allow you a full range of positions on the court.

What kind of shuttlecocks can be used with the Knight Trainer Pro?

The KTP works with nylon and feather shuttlecocks with cork bases, whether new or used. If the shuttlecock is durable in normal play or training, then it will be similarly durable when used with the KTP.

If the shuttle is good enough for players to hit back, then the shuttles are good enough for the Knight Trainer Pro to feed. Note that:

  • Feather shuttles with broken or missing feathers are more likely to snag another shuttle, so that two might be launched together.
  • Shot quality and shot consistency are best with shuttlecocks in good condition. Shuttles in bad condition are best for drills where accuracy is less important.
  • When loading the carousel with new shuttles, make sure that the shuttles are not stuck together.
  • The corks of some brands of synthetic (nylon) shuttles are not glued on and may come off. Choose from white, optic yellow and optic orange. Many users choose the orange colour for their nylon shuttles, to easily identify which shuttles are reserved for the KTP.

Will the Knight Trainer Pro work with used shuttlecocks?

The Knight Trainer will work with used shuttlecocks as long as their condition will allow them to feed properly. Feather shuttlecocks with broken feathers are more likely to snag another shuttle, in which case two might be ejected together.

Bear in mind that shot quality and shot consistency are best with shuttlecocks in good condition. Shuttles in bad condition are best for drills where accuracy is not as important.

Should feather shuttlecocks be humidified?

For best durability, feather shuttlecocks should always be lightly humidified. Steaming is common (but not best) and never steam directly into the KTP’s feeding tubes, as the heat may damage the tubes. Instead:

  • In storage, you can cover the open tops of the carousel tubes with something slightly damp (not dripping wet), such as a towel. Place plastic over the damp towel for best results.
  • You can humidify shuttles in their original tubes and then transfer to the KTP’s feeding tubes, but be sure that the shuttles are not stuck together when transferring to the carousel.

Will the Knight Trainer Pro damage the shuttles?

Overall, the KTP has a minor effect on the shuttles. The main wear and tear comes from the players hitting the shuttles back. In fact, the Knight Trainer Pro and a player can be much easier on the shuttles than 2 players hitting back and forth to each other.  However, and especially with nylon shuttles, eventually you will start to see abrasion on the cork covers and the cork covers may even wear off. Shuttles can continue to be used without the cork covers, but they will be slower than with the covers.

Due to the compression of the cork, some corks may eventually break or detach while the feathers or nylon are still intact, especially with low quality or unglued shuttles. If there is persistent cork breakage with different brands and models, this may require increasing the wheel spacing to reduce the pressure on the cork (refer to the troubleshooting section).

Can the Knight Trainer Pro automatically vary shots?


  • Easily create different shots and combine them into drills mixing serves, net shots, drops, smashes, drives and clears (using an included tablet computer)
  • You are in control. Start the drill and the Knight Trainer Pro automatically changes direction, tilt, speed and timing to feed your shots just as you created them, in sequence or randomly.
  • All levels of players. Make the shots and drills easy or simple for novices, or raise the level and give your players the means to be champions.
  • Save drills for each player so that drills can easily be run again at his/her level. Modify each player’s drills to keep up with the player’s improvement.
  • Return smashes as never before. Use the Knight Trainer Pro to master defense, with smashes fed to players far beyond any other machine – and beyond the stamina of human feeders.