A great investment for any club! It attracts both amateur and pro athletes to advanceD training sessions.

StephanClub Owner

“With the Knight Trainer I can easily set up specific drills and work on precise points of technique.”


“When I want to put in the extra time on improving by general skills I can have the complete range of shots to practice”

Anna RPro Badminton Athlete

The Knight Trainer is a partner that is challenging and fun !

SarahCasual player

As a novice player i set up the Knight trainer pro to give me a mild and challenging workout  at the same time targeting my backhand  after one session the KTP improved my returns and gave me a good sweat!!!!

Nicholas Blackriverweb developer

The Knight Trainer Pro  will be very useful for my high school team with so many different levels of experience. My players are looking forward to the newest member of the KC team!

M Saunders Badminton Coach @ KVCICoach