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Welcome to the revolutionary world of badminton training with the Knight Trainer Pro. This cutting-edge robotic badminton feeding system is designed to cater to players and coaches of all levels, offering unparalleled precision and versatility.
For casual players, this innovative training machine promises a more enjoyable and faster learning experience. If you’re a competitive player, prepare to elevate your skills, refine your movements, enhance your fitness, and sharpen your reflexes beyond your wildest expectations.
What sets the Knight Trainer Pro apart is its ability to deliver shuttles with unwavering precision and exceptional power that surpasses any opponent’s capabilities. With the integrated tablet control panel, you have complete control over this power and precision. The system comes preloaded with a range of drills tailored for singles, doubles, and mixed games. You can easily customize these drills to suit your specific needs or effortlessly create your own. Fine-tuning each shot and drill to your exact specifications has never been easier.

Teach, learn, coach, train, and improve like never before with the Knight Trainer Pro.

Personalization is key, and the Knight Trainer Pro allows you to save and organize training routines for individual players. Simply reopen the saved routines on your tablet to seamlessly continue your training sessions, ensuring consistent progress and growth.
Experience the future of badminton training with the Knight Trainer Pro and unlock your full potential on the court. Elevate your game, dominate your opponents, and take your skills to new heights. Embrace this technological marvel and revolutionize the way you approach badminton training.



The Knight Trainer Pro is for everyone who enjoys teaching, coaching or playing badminton.

Athlete Training:

For beginners to the most advanced

For competitors preparing for their first tournaments, on to Olympic and para-Olympic athletes.

Increase mobility, movements and fitness

Increase accuracy, speed and consistency

Learn new shots and practice things you never get to practice

Get better and better and better and better and better and … well, you get the idea


For national training centres, universities, colleges, high schools, primary schools, senior centres, clubs of all kinds, rehab facilities, and everywhere else that badminton can be played.

Let the Knight Trainer Pro automate the feeding of the shots and the combinations that coaches want for their players.

Coaches can focus on the players instead of the feeding

Feeding is fatiguing. Let the Knight Trainer Pro take over and work tirelessly feeding smashes, clears, drops, drives and more.

Training Drill Guide

Developed by Elite Coaches and AthletesClick to view »
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Feed 250 shuttles

Feed 250 shuttles, feather or synthetic (nylon) before reloading

Use your shots

Use your shots to create a playlist of 1 to 250 placements for simple or complex drills, or even to recreate actual points. Combine two or more KTPs for even more possibilities.

Set the speed

Set the speed, direction and tilt that you want for each shot and save into a drill.

Set the intervals

Set the intervals you want for each shot.

KTP's tablet

With the KTP’s tablet, open an existing drill, or easily create a new one with your customized shots. Save and use drills over and over.

Choose the height

Choose the height from 137 cm (54″) to 213 cm (84”)

Run your drills

Run your drills as many times as you want, in sequence or randomly or both, while the Knight Trainer Pro automatically changes direction, angle, speed and timing to generate your shots.




Setting Drills is Quick and Simple!

Using the Knight Trainer Pro



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Set up takes only a few minutes and the shuttles can start flying.

The main unit that feeds the shuttles, Control Tablet and USB cable

Carousel with a 250 shuttle capacity

Mobile, adjustable stand (height from height from 137 cm (54``) to 213 cm (84”))

A 2 year guarantee



We began development of a badminton machine in 1992 and in 2008, we introduced the world’s first practical, portable and effective badminton machine – the Knight Trainer. Then we decided to start over completely and make a whole new amazing machine. The result is the incredibly superior Knight Trainer Pro. The revolutionary superiority of the Knight Trainer Pro comes from years of  cutting-edge engineering and design and  has produced THE best badminton training machine ever.



Elite players can perfect every shot in their repertoire, and expand that repertoire. Push players’ reflexes with precisely varied drives and smashes across the whole court at up to 1 per second with one Knight Trainer Pro, or even faster with two. Or, choose slower and different frequencies for each shot to allow time for players to prepare and execute a wide range of shots.


Dramatically accelerate the beginner’s learning curve for all ages with the Knight Trainer. Simulate any shot consistently and repeatedly, allowing beginners to concentrate on coordination and technique.



Players can improve accuracy, consistency and technique with a repeated feed of any one shot, or create simple shot patterns. Coaches can objectively measure improvement, using the consistency of the Knight Trainer to measure players’ success percentages for various shots.



Knight Trainer Pro speaks through its customers



Contact us today to find out how you can make the Knight Trainer be your own personal Trainer !



Contact us today to find out how you can make the Knight Trainer Pro be your own personal Trainer !

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